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If you’re thinking about improving the effectiveness of your central heating with a power flush then you should also consider the advantages of purchasing a central heating magnetic filter. Power flushing is an incredibly effective way to restore the competence of your boiler and in turn improve the efficiency of your central heating system. Following a power flush it is strongly advisable that you also have a magnetic filter attached to your central heating system to further assist and improve the lifespan of your boiler. Every time an engineer from Flush Radiators conducts a power flush he will explain the many advantages of using a magnetic filter.

The Adey MagnaClean filter is the magnetic filter that we would most highly recommend for improving your central heating and you can purchase this alongside booking your power flush. The magnetic filter will protect and maintain your central heating system. This magnetic filter is a fairly new creation that has been highly praised for its ability to prolong the life of your boiler. Your central heating system is unquestionably one of the most important aspects of your home and avoiding a break down is pivotal. As well as not breaking down it’s highly advantageous to keep your central heating system running at optimum functionality. This is easily achieved with a magnetic filter.

The Adey MagnaClean filter works by magnetically attracting metal deposits that are circulating in your central heating system. This prevents deposits continuing to move around your radiators causing any damage. It is easy for you to clean the magnetic filter once or twice a year for simple maintenance of your central heating. Although a magnetic filter is always a good investment for your central heating system it is best to install one following a power flush. This is because the magnetic filter can then begin with an already clean system.

A magnetic filter for your central heating system is designed to last as long as your boiler does. The magnetic filter can be attached to your existing pipe work either vertically or horizontally so regardless of your setup there is always a way to install it to your central heating.

If you don’t already have a magnetic filter in your home then a Flush Radiator engineer can quickly attach one for you with minimal fuss. Although the benefits might not be immediately evident, over the years you will notice how your central heating system is continuing to run with the performance you expect and desire.