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A chemical flush of your central heating system is an extremely effective procedure that everybody should have conducted in their homes once or twice a decade. A chemical flush will ensure that your central heating systems stays clear of any blockages and will also remove any existing sludge that poses a threat. Sludge can cause be a serious hazard to your central heating system, however it is a problem that is easily avoided with a chemical flush.

A chemical flush of your central heating system is performed with the use of a powerful chemical flush machine. Here at Flush Radiators we rely on the innovative technology from Kamco as their machines are of the highest quality. With the help of the chemical flush machine and a few added extras, a Flush Radiators engineer is able to thoroughly cleanse your central heating system.

A chemical flush usually takes just a few hours but if you have a particularly dirty central heating system that hasn’t been given much care then it could take up to the best part of the day. Regardless of how long your chemical flush takes, the price will be the same and the Flush Radiators engineer won’t leave your property until the job is complete.  There are several different stages to a chemical flush and your engineer will happily be able to explain these to you as he demonstrates how it works. You will even be able to see the filth as the chemical flush removes it from your central heating system.

Once a chemical flush of your central heating system has been completed, the water running through your plumbing will be clean and pH neutral. The addition of a chemical inhibitor during a chemical flush will also ensure that things stay in prime condition for longer. You will now be able to enjoy a warmer home that heats up quickly and costs you less than before the chemical flush.

The advantages of a chemical flush of your central heating system are numerous and incredibly worthwhile. If you are experiencing problems in your home caused by central heating sludge then trust a Flush Radiators chemical flush to put things right for you.