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During the winter months your radiators can quickly become your favourite thing in your house. Without your radiators during the colder months your house can quickly become an undesirable place to be. If a cold house is something you want to avoid then taking care of your radiators with a power flush is a great option for you.

A power flush is a long procedure but it is a very effective and seemingly simple one. When you notice a problem with any radiator in your house then it’s time to call a Flush Radiator engineer. An engineer will soon be with you to conduct a power flush and get your radiators back to their best. By scanning your radiators with an infrared laser, the engineer will quickly be able to determine if a power flush will solve your problems. This is because when sludge and debris builds up in your radiators it causes cold spots which are of a much reduced temperature then the rest of the radiator.

When it has been decided that a power flush is the best process for your radiators, then the engineer will proceed to open your radiator valves and attach a power flush machine that was specifically designed for purpose. This power flush machine will then pump through a combination of water and a phosphorous acid based solution. Although this is pumped through at a high velocity, a low pressure is maintained to ensure no damage occurs. Once the power flush has done its magic on your radiators then the water flowing through them will be clear instead of dark and murky.

Removing sludge from your radiators with a power flush is a hassle free way to ensure the protection and maintenance of all of the radiators in your home. The power flush cost is determined by how many radiators you have in your home, however even if you only have a blockage in some of your radiators then the power flush will still need to go through all of them for it to be effective. By power flushing all of your radiators at the same time we can guarantee that no sludge and debris will be left behind to cause further damage to your system.

In the rare case that a power flush doesn’t solve any issues you have with your radiators then it is more than likely that you already need a replacement boiler or perhaps just some new parts.