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Sludge may sound like a funny thing to be weary of but it can easily be the number one cause of a disaster, both in your home and in your bank account. If you let sludge and other debris build up in your central heating system then you will soon need a radiator power flush to alleviate the situation. If you choose not to have a radiator power flush and continue to let the sludge wreak havoc in your system then you will soon lose power have a much bigger problem on your hands.

If you never give your central heating system the care and attention that it requires then you will easily find yourself paying out for the cost of a new one. This will, at the very least, cost you a couple of thousand pounds. A radiator power flush is a fantastic cost effective way to avoid this problem and keep your boiler at optimum efficiency.

Second to the financial reasoning for not wanting to purchase a new boiler is the massive negative impact it will have on your heating output. If you haven’t had a radiator power flush for many, many years then your heating output could be as much as 70% lower than it should be. This means that it is taking more energy from your boiler to heat every radiator in your home. The end result of this is higher bills and less heating. As you can see, sludge is definitely a threat to your central heating system and something you don’t want in your home.

Once you’ve made the decision to eradicate sludge from your home with a radiator power flush then a Flush Radiator engineer will ensure the job is done properly. A radiator power flush can often be a procedure that takes upwards of 4 hours, however this is because the power flush is completely cleaning each radiator and restoring it to maximum capacity.

A radiator power flush is a high quality service that you won’t be disappointed with. After a radiator power flush you can push the worry of sludge to the back of your mind for between five and ten years before it’s time to bring your favourite engineer back for your next fantastic radiator power flush service.