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If you are already aware of a problem in your central heating system, but don’t know where to get radiator flushed, then look no further then Flush Radiators. When it comes to having a radiator flushed we can offer you an excellent service at a highly competitive price. If you are experiencing a problem with a particular radiator in your home or if all of them have developed faults, then Flush Radiators are here to help you get flushed.

Now that you know where to get your radiator flushed you might be wondering what exactly the process involves. Well, to begin with one of our expert engineers will come to your property and evaluate each radiator. This has to be done before your system is flushed to check that having each radiator flushed is exactly what you need. An infrared thermometer will be used to check for the temperature at different points on each radiator. If you do have a problem that can be solved by having your radiators flushed then you will notice that the temperature greatly varies at different points on each radiator. If this is the case then it’s time to get flushed.

The procedure of having each radiator flushed will begin with the engineer disconnecting your radiator valves and circulatory pump in order to connect the radiator flush machine. The machine will run a combination of water and certain soluble chemicals at a high speed through your system. Don’t worry though; this is done at an incredibly low pressure so that no damage is done to any radiator. Once your radiator system is completely flushed all of the dirty water will be drained out and fresh pH neutral water will be added.

Following the radiator flush procedure it is strongly advisable that you invest in a MagnaClean filter to further prevent damage to your central heating system. With a MagnaClean filter, any metallic debris that could damage a radiator or the pipes will be captured by the filter. A Flush Radiator professional will be more than happy to do this for you following a radiator flush.

As you can see Flush Radiators have the answers you want and the services you need. So the next time someone asks you where to get their radiator flushed you’ll have the answers too!
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