Flush Radiators Central Heating Flush

When air is trapped in the central heating systems it begins to corrode internally, producing black iron oxide sludge deposits in radiators. These particles stick to the surfaces. Some central heating problems caused by this are premature failure of pumps and valves, cold spots in radiators, blocked heat exchangers and hot water heating coils. These central heating problems cause system efficiency to be greatly reduced and fuel wasted.

The solution:

The solution to the above central heating problems is to flush radiators. This is done using a power flush machine, the entire heating system is flushed by either removing the system pump or one radiator. The water will then flow through the radiators, pipes etc collecting all the iron oxide (sludge) before it reaches the boiler or heat exchanger. Rust remover chemicals are then added to the system. By then concentrating the flow through individual radiators and vibrating the radiators the rust spots are removed. The dirty water is then removed by the waste. The radiators, heating coils and pipe work are all flushed individually with clean water. Neutraliser is then added to the system to prevent the future build up of the sludge, helping to prevent central heating problems from occurring in the future. The power flush machine is then removed and the heating system is re- commissioned. The heating is then turned on and the radiators balanced (bled) to optomise system efficiency. At this point all the central heating problems should be eradicated and the heating system should be back working to its optimum efficiency and all of the radiators should be heating up to their full capacity with no cold spots.

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