Flush Radiators Power Flushing

How to know if you need to bleed radiators:

– The radiator will be warm at the bottom and cooler at the top
– The radiator will be cold even when the heating is switched on
– There is a knocking noise due to air in the pipes

How to bleed radiators:

– Ensure the heating system is off before attempting to bleed radiators
– Obtain a bleed key and also make sure you have a towel to catch any drips
– If thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) are fitted to radiators, open them fully
– Open the bleed key by turning it anti clockwise- ensure you only open this valve a small amount to allow the air to escape from the top of the radiator whilst not allowing the water to flow out
– Once all air is removed and water starts to dribble out turn the bleed key clockwise to close the valve
– Reset TRV’s if fitted
– Turn the heating system back on and ensure there are no leaks from the TRV’s

To bleed radiators in a concealed system you will need to reduce the overall pressure of the entire system first. Once completed check the pressure and top up where necessary.

If you are unsure about how to bleed radiators, contact Flush Radiators on 0208 95 16 233 for a quote alternatively email us at info@flushradiators.co.uk for further information or to book your power flush, magna clean or TRV’s.