Flush Radiators Central Heating Flush

What is central heating sludge:

Sludge is a mixture of dirt from the water and corrosion form the radiators.

What problems can central heating sludge cause:

  • Premature failure of central heating pumps, zone valves, radiator valves and heat exchangers
  • Internal system corrosion
  • Noisy heating systems
  • Cold/ inefficient radiators
  • Inefficient heating due to restricted flow rates in radiators

Preventions of central heating sludge:

Having a magnaclean filter installed will prevent the build up of central heating sludge as the strong magnets will attract the catching the metal particles before they chemically react and turn into the sludge. A magnaclean filter will need to be taken out and cleaned annually- preferably at the same time as your boiler service is completed.

How to know if you have central heating sludge in your system:

– If you have bled the radiators and black sludge comes out instead of just air
– If any of your radiators are warm at the top and sides, but cold in the middle/ bottom

How to eliminate central heating sludge from my system:

The solution is for a Flush Radiators engineer to complete a power flush

Please contact Flush Radiators by telephone on 0208 95 16 233 or alternatively email us at info@flushradiators.co.uk for further information or to book your power flush, magna clean or TRV’s.