Flush Radiators Power Flushing

What is power flushing?

Power Flushing is a process that forcibly cleanses a heating system using water at high velocity. With the addition of powerful cleansing chemicals which effectively dislodge sludge, rust and other impurities within the central heating system. We at Flush Radiators use state of the art equipment and chemicals for all our power flushes.

How long does it take to thoroughly flush radiators?

The time taken to flush radiators varies depending on how many radiators you have in a property and how bad the build up of sludge and corrosion is within the system. We normally complete them within 3/ 4 hours and a day.

Will there be damaged caused to the system when you flush radiators?

If there is debris hiding a pin hole, or a radiator that’s rusted through it is likely that a power flush could find it as opposed to causing it, especially if your pipe work is old. However you are fortunate enough that at Flush Radiators all of our engineers have the experience and ability to rectify any leaks.

Is it necessary to flush radiators individually?

Yes, otherwise you may find that some debris is still lurking in one of the radiators and hasn’t been reached, so when the system is re-comissioned and the water is running through it, the sludge remaining in the radiator can enter the system.

When you flush radiators is there a lot of mess?

All Flush Radiators engineers endeavor to keep all mess to a minimum by placing dust sheets down to protect the floor and ensuring the “messy” part of the process occurs outside.
Do you need to remove all the radiators to be able to flush radiators?
We will remove one radiator if need be; the rest is done through the pipe work and radiator tails.

Do you need to drain down the system before you start?

No. You only need to run some water out of a vented system to lower the water level in the feed and expansion tank so that you can cap it off.