Flush Radiators Power Flushing

Why power flush radiators:

You should power flush radiators to prevent fuel wastage- if you have corrosion, debris, sludge or lime scale deposits in your system, the boiler will have to work harder to over compensate for this, resulting in increased gas bills. The system efficiency will then be restored if you power flush radiators.

If you book in for a Flush Radiators engineer to power flush your system it will prevent any further corrosion occurring within the system and prolong the life of your boiler, also returning it to a good working order.

Boiler noises increase as deposits of sludge and corrosion build up inside the system.

Another reason to power flush radiators is to eliminate cold spots. As the flow is reduced through the radiators by the blockages caused by the sludge the radiators will not heat up to their full capacity.

Air will also get trapped inside the system causing regular radiator bleeding to be required. To prevent this, power flush radiators to cause the water to flow freely and eradicate the issue.

Properties of the sludge (iron oxide) can cause pumps and valves to stick or fail completely.

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