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In the majority of households throughout the U.K, having an efficient boiler and cost effective central heating system is absolutely essential. When things start to go wrong with the boiler in any house endless problems can occur. One such occurrence is the build up of debris within your pipes and radiators. This can lead to a whole host of unnecessary and unwanted problems that can wreak havoc with your heating as well as your energy bill.

An effective central heating cleanser is power flushing is an effective and cost friendly way to tackle this problem and also to assist with prevention of similar problems in the future. When this debris begins to build up within your system, the flow of water becomes restricted. This is turn will lead to a bigger sludge-like blockage which will increase the time it takes your radiators to heat up. It will also cause cold spots and a lack of consistency with the water temperature, that’s not to mention additional internal rusting that will occur.

By opting to rectify this issue with power flushing you are choosing a method that will not only give your system a flawless clean but will also ensure your boiler lives longer and operates at a much more favourable price. Furthermore, by tackling the problems as they arise for you, you will avoid much heftier bills a little bit further down the road.

The time taken to complete a full power flush will normally range anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Although this may seem like a long time, the process is a very specific one and the results will always justify the slight inconvenience. All power flushing procedures will be undertaken by an insured professional who will attach a machine to your system and then pump water through at a high intensity to encourage the build up to disperse. This will then be followed with a treatment of specifically designed chemicals to remove any excess sludge and debris that remains. Once this process has been completed your system will be refilled with new water that has a neutral pH.

We also strongly recommend that you have a MagnaClean filter attached to your pipes which will further assist with prevention in the future. A MagnaClean filter works magnetically to attract pieces of metal residue that could otherwise become harmful to the health of your boiler and therefore your entire central heating system. These devices are incredibly low maintenance and cost nothing further to run after the initial price of purchase.

Once everything is complete you should find that your radiators heat up with more speed than they did prior to the treatment. They will also operate with much more efficiency and consistency, giving you more peace of mind in terms of the maintenance of your home.