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Many customers call us and ask, ‘where can I get help flushing boiler systems’? To those people we say you are already in exactly the right place. At Flush Radiators we are the one stop shop for all of your boiler system flushing needs and we guarantee that after one of our services, you’ll agree.

Boiler flushing is one of many things in life that you have to approach with care and consideration. Calling a cowboy into your home, or even worse trying to do the job yourself, could end with disastrous results. Even if you’re a DIY whizz, something could easily go wrong and you could end up paying out a huge amount for the cost of repairs. Put your trust in Flush Radiators with our expertly trained and fully insured engineers to do the job instead.

Once customers know they can come to us for the help, the next question is usually, ‘how much will flushing boiler systems cost’? For these people we need to take a bit more information from in regards to their radiator flushing needs and then we’re able to give a totally free and no obligation quote for our services. Flushing your radiators couldn’t be simpler, simply pick up the phone and within minutes you could have your radiator flushing procedure booked for a time that’s convenient to you.

What’s more is that while the engineer is in your home conducting the radiator flushing he can talk you through other means of central heating maintenance and care. Specifically he will be keen to talk to you about installing a MagnaClean filter as this will increase the time frame between radiator flushing. The longer you can go without radiator flushing, the more money you will save and a MagnaClean filter does this by capturing the debris that is harmful to your central heating system.

As you can see, flushing boiler systems needn’t be a difficult and expensive process, in fact flushing your radiator can be simply effortless for you and result in much appreciated savings.