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When you make the decision to do your home a favour and restore your radiators to top condition with a radiator flush, you can rely on Flush Radiators to do absolutely everything for you. Even if you do already know the fantastic benefits of a radiator flush you may not know exactly how to do it. It may seem like a complicated procedure but in fact learning how to do a radiator flush is fairly simple.

So, you want to know how to do a radiator flush? Firstly a fully trained Flush Radiator engineer will arrive at your property with all his equipment and will set about preparing the area. This involves putting protective sheeting on your carpets and making sure that no damage will occur. Then they will use an infrared laser thermometer to check how high the temperature at all points in your radiator is. This allows them to see if sludge and debris has built up inside and therefore evaluate if a radiator flush is the best thing to do. If it is, then next the engineer will proceed to open the radiator valves and disconnect the circulatory pump. Then the radiator flush machine can be attached to the system and also connected to the water supply. A clean magnet filter will also be attached to assist with the cleansing process. Next a combination of water and a phosphorous based chemical will be flushed through your radiator at a high velocity. This chemical concoction will then circulate through the system.

Following this process the engineer will show you how he uses a separate machine externally to dislodge any additional rust and this in turn will be picked up by the previously attached filter. All of the dirty water is then flushed from the radiator and once again the engineer can do a check of the temperature. Once all of the old water is out, fresh water with a neutral pH can be pumped in. Finally the rust collected on the magnetic filter can be removed and alkaline neutralising crystals can be added. A corrosion inhibiter will also be added at this stage and then the radiator flush is complete.
After your radiator flush you will then notice how every radiator now works more efficiently and you will also soon be saving money on your household bills.

You now know how to do a radiator flush and how doing one will benefit you. If this sounds like something you want to do then call Flush Radiators now to see how you could benefit from a radiator flush. Once a Flush Radiator engineer has shown you how to do a radiator flush in your home why not go online and leave a review of his work on our site, additionally you could recommend our fantastic services to a friend!