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A central heating filter may be a relatively new piece of technology on the heating and plumbing scene but this filter is quickly proving itself to be an amazing addition to any system. A central heating filter works by magnetically attracting the metallic debris within your central heating system that is flowing around causing damage. Having this debris in your pipes and radiators is extremely harmful to your entire central heating system and should be eradicated with a filter without delay.

When it comes to the protection of your home, prevention is definitely a more appealing option then a cure. This means that stopping damage from occurring in the first place is a much better idea then rectifying the issues once they have already happened. This is why a central heating filter is such a great device to include in your central heating system. A central heating filter can be used during a power flush procedure to remove all of the existing debris and also to be installed to the system afterwards for further prevention.

When the central heating filter is attached following a power flush procedure it attracts any future debris that may otherwise cause harm to your system. Then approximately once a year you can manually remove the filter and clean away all of the sludge it has collected. The amazingly low level of maintenance that a central heating filter requires compared to the extensive benefits of having one are undeniably evident.

A central heating filter will cost you just a standard one off payment and can easily be acquired from Flush Radiators when you book in for your power flush procedure. If you are booking a power flush then one of our expert engineers will explain to you further the great advantages of installing a central heating filter. The advantages of bringing one into your home will soon become evident and your engineer will happily install it for you.

Once you see the great performance of a central heating filter you’ll soon be telling all of your friends and family about them and the great service you received from Flush Radiators.