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Central heating problems are something that we all experience at some point in our lives. Whether you rent or own your own property, you still have to ensure the function of the boiler in your home in order to enjoy its uses. Even if you’re not financially responsible for the property in which you live, there are still things you can do to maintain the central heating system and avoid any problems.

One of the main things that you should do to prevent any problems with your central heating is ensure you add a chemical inhibitor to your system. A chemical inhibitor is great for helping to dodge central heating problems because it decreases the rate of corrosion in your entire central heating system. This means that rust is less likely to form, thus protecting your pipes and other components from damage. A chemical inhibitor is easily purchased from your local DIY store and will go a long way to decreasing central heating problems. If you do not use it then you will undoubtedly suffer problems with your central heating as the water inside naturally corrodes away at the metals surrounding it.

Other central heating problems can include having a noisy boiler, cold patches on your radiators or blocked circulation due to built up sludge and sediment. The chemical inhibitor will also help with easing circulation problems but you should still invest in a power flushing service every 5 – 6 years to avoid serious issues.  Power flushing should also solve the problem of cold patches on your radiators and dramatically increase the temperature they operate at. A noisy boiler could also be solved by power flushing although there are often other reasons behind this problem.

If you take good care of your central heating system then you will be able to avoid most problems or at least keep them at bay for as long as possible. Bear in mind that the average life of the boiler in your central heating system is approximately 12 years and after this time problems can be common. This is why it’s all the more important to service your central heating system regularly and efficiently.