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A central heating magnetic cleaner is an amazing piece of apparatus that will extend the life of your central heating system. The importance of using a magnetic cleaner is rapidly becoming evident and the many benefits of magnetic cleaners are undeniable. Because of the effects various metals have within your central heating system, your pipes and radiators can soon become blocked and damaged. You can try to slow this inevitable process by adding chemical inhibitors into your central heating system but as time goes on this will become an ineffective answer. A central heating magnetic cleaner is a long term solution and will work wonders for your central heating system.

Every aspect of your central heating system can be negatively affected by metal build up and can lead to a very serious problem. Even before a problem occurs, your central heating system will already be becoming less effective and less efficient. Choosing to offset the detrimental effects that naturally occur within your central heating system with a magnetic cleaner is an undoubtedly great idea.

If you haven’t been using a magnetic cleaner with your central heating system previously then you would definitely benefit from a power flush procedure before fitting a magnetic cleaner. On average a power flush will remove 3kg of sludge and debris from your radiators. In extreme cases, where there has been little care of the central heating system, up to 7kg of unwanted material can be discovered. The effect that this waste is having on your central heating system is incredibly damaging and if left untreated will eventually lead to a breakdown. A magnetic cleaner will help avoid this.

Having a magnetic cleaner installed to your system by a Flush Radiators professional is a great way to guarantee the prolonged life of your entire central heating system whilst also saving you money. A magnetic cleaner is also incredibly low maintenance, only requiring a clean once a year. This further ensures that you are not wasting any excess time and money taking care of your central heating system. Let a magnetic cleaner take care of it for you.

It is still a good idea to continue using chemical inhibitors in your central heating system, even after the magnetic cleaner has been installed. However, you will not have to do it as regularly and the effects will be much better. If you want to get the most out of your central heating system without worrying too much about general upkeep and erratic bills then a central heating magnetic cleaner is the best choice for you.