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A cheap power flush might be something that sounds appealing to you for many reasons, the most obvious of which being you want to preserve your bank balance. However, when you are looking for an essential and important service, such as a power flush, you should always remember that more than often you get what you pay for. A cheap power flush may save you money now but if the job isn’t done properly then it could amount to even higher repair bills in the future, and that won’t be cheap!

At Flush Radiators we don’t like to use the word cheap, but our power flush services are reasonably and competitively priced to provide the most customer friendly deal. The big companies, like British Gas, who are definitely not cheap, can cost over double what we charge and for exactly the same professional and high quality service. This massive difference in price is due to several factors, mostly relating to the profits that each company is seeking to make. At Flush Radiators we do the best job for you at the best price we can. We may not be cheap but we’re not expensive either!

If you’ve seen adverts for a cheap power flush and have been tempted by their offers then you should always think about the consequences first. A cheap power flush this year might mean that you need another in two to three years. However a competitively priced power flush from Flush Radiators is guaranteed to last you at least five years. This length of time can also greatly be increased by the inclusion of additional maintenance.

So if you’re considering a cheap power flush in your home, call today to talk to one of our friendly engineers first. They can explain to you the downsides of a cheap power flush and will also be able to advise you on the benefits of having one done properly. Also because of the fantastic value for money power flush services that we provide, you may find that the difference in price between a cheap power flush and a Flush Radiators power flush aren’t that far apart!