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If you’re one of many people who see their home as their castle then you’ll be happy to know there is a fantastic way to protect one of the best things inside it. Your radiators! To keep your home running as smoothly as you want it to, it is essential that you keep up to date with the process of flushing radiators. If you don’t have an expert engineer flushing your radiators every 5 or 6 years then you are running the risk of damaging an essential part of your castle. Flushing radiators is effective and won’t break the bank.

Although power flushing is a highly effective method of flushing your radiators, you should also consider more preventative methods to further assist the productivity of your central heating system. One of the very best preventative methods is to install a MagnaClean filter to your central heating pipe work.

A MagnaClean filter will mean that the process of flushing your radiators won’t have to be done as much as usual and the life span of your boiler will also be increased. It is true to say that the more modern boilers work much better and efficiently then their older counterparts but this is only true when those boilers are running at their optimum capacity. If you have a new boiler that has been damaged due to lack of care then it could operate worse than an old one! This in turn will mean you have to spend more time and money flushing your radiators or buying replacement parts.

To keep flushing your radiators every few years will cost you much more than it will to pay the one off price of a MagnaClean filter. So far more than a million people throughout the UK have seen the benefits that a MagnaClean filter can have in counteracting the need for flushing their radiators. This is because even the smallest amount of iron oxide build up in your boiler will mean that you lose a considerable amount of power and the sludge will already have begun to accumulate.

Flushing your radiators is an undeniably great way to restore your central heating system to peak condition but prevention is always better than the cure. Flushing radiators on a very regular basis will become pricy and irritating so choose a MagnaClean filter instead and enjoy your home.