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Knowing how to flush radiator systems is an expert skill that all of our engineers at Flush Radiators happily possess. They have all undergone extensive training in order to be able to know how to flush radiator systems and they do so in your home to the best of their ability. If you have a plumbing problem in your home then you may need one of our experts to come and conduct a radiator flush.

There are several tell tale signs that your central heating system needs a radiator flush. For instance if you have cold patches anywhere on any radiator in your home then you almost definitely need us to flush your system. These patches appear in different places for different reasons, however a radiator flush will effectively be able to rectify the problem. Also, if you are experiencing changes in the temperature of your hot water as it comes from the tap then you could probably benefit from a radiator flush. Another sign that you may need a radiator flush is if your boiler is making unusual noises. A noisy boiler can be caused by a whole range of factors but a radiator flush is an effective way to remedy several of these problems and return your boiler to normal.

When the engineer arrives at your home for a radiator flush he will first do a quick check of each radiator with a special thermometer. This thermometer will detect cold spots and demonstrate whether a radiator flush is the best way for you to proceed. If it is then after a quick setup and check of the rest of your central heating system, the radiator flush machine will be attached and the process can begin. The radiator flush procedure is a long one and the engineer could be with you for several hours. However, at the end of this time your central heating system will be running with much more efficiency and reliability and you won’t need another radiator flush procedure for many years to come.

Knowing how to flush radiator systems with care and expertise is something Flush Radiators highly pride themselves on, so trust us to protect and maintain your home today.