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A build up of sludge and sediment in your central heating system is something that everybody wants to avoid. This sludge can not only be harmful to your system but will also cause your bills to rise as your boiler uses more fuel to reach your optimum temperature. It’s easy to tell if you have sludge in your radiator by checking for cold spots on each radiator unit. If you can noticeably feel that your radiators are hot at the top and around the edges but are lower in temperature in the middle and at the bottom, then you probably have a sludge problem and need a central heating sludge removal.

To stop this sludge from causing any further damage to your central heating system, a power flush service is strongly advised. If you opt not to power flush your central heating system when you quite clearly have a build up of sludge then the blockage will slowly get bigger. As your sludge build up gets bigger the circulation of water through your central heating unit will become increasingly restricted.

In order to prevent sludge from occurring in your central heating system for as long as possible you should add a chemical inhibitor to your system. If your central heating sludge problem has become so bad that you’re really starting to notice a problem with the temperature, then you should power flush your entire central heating system, this will return it to a better level of operation. A highly trained professional from Flush Radiators will conduct this power flushing process for you to get the efficiency of your central heating back on track. Once the sludge is gone it is important that you have a magnetic filter attached to help prevent another sludge build up. Your Flush Radiator engineer will also be happy to attach this for you and show you how to effortlessly maintain and clean it.

Now that your central heating sludge removal is done, you will find a decrease in your fuel bills by roughly 6% annually and the efficiency of your central heating system will increase an incredible 70%. Without sludge in your central heating system you will also find that the consistency of your room temperature improves dramatically. A sludge free central heating system is an option for everyone so call Flush Radiators now to get yours.