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You may ask yourself, ‘do I need a power flush?’  Sometimes you may have cold spots on your radiators or your radiators just aren’t as hot as they should be. This could be because of debris and sludge that has built up over a period of time which lowers your central heating system’s efficiency.

Cleansing your central heating system with a power flush is something that’s strongly advisable and often essential. If your radiators aren’t working at the highest capacity that they can manage then you are not only getting a reduced level of heat but you’ll also be losing money on your household bills. A power flush is an incredibly powerful procedure that will force central heating sludge out of your system.

A power flush works by a high velocity stream of water being pumped through your entire central heating system, this is done with the intention of removing any blockages that could be hindering circulation inside. This fantastic process is increased on effectiveness by the inclusion of a powerful chemical cleansing agent known as FX2.

FX2 is a very strong chemical that will get to work rectifying problems in your central heating system as soon as it is added in. This makes a power flush all the more efficient as all problem areas are being attacked. A power flush with water is still an effective procedure but with FX2 it becomes amazing. Thanks to FX2 all power flush engineers are able to complete a power flush in just one session and because it is so powerful there is no need for a pre-treatment. By removing the need for a pre-treatment before a power flush, FX2 saves us time and you money, making a power flush better for everyone!

Once your power flush has been complete your Flush Radiators engineer will speak to you about the benefits of installing a MagnaClean filter. A MagnaClean filter is a wise investment for anyone who has just had a power flush in their home as it will work to prevent another blockage. A power flush removes existing sludge and a MagnaClean filter then traps any future metallic debris that can cause rust and sludge build-ups.

Rust is something to be especially weary of as it can eventually lead to a leak in your radiator that a power flush can’t fix. Almost always in this instance you will have to buy an entirely new radiator!

As you can see a power flush procedure is expertly designed and carefully carried out to restore your central heating system to optimum efficiency. If you need a power flush in your home then don’t hesitate to contact us at Flush Radiators now.