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Incorporating a magnetic central heating cleaner into your existing central heating unit is an excellent way to ensure you are getting the most from your system. If your central heating system has developed faults such as a noisy boiler, an erratic variation in water temperature or cold spots on your radiator then it is likely that you have an internal problem and would benefit from magnetic cleaning. Similarly if your central heating unit takes a long time to heat up then you definitely need some assistance from a magnetic central heating cleaner.

A complete power flush of your radiators and boiler, before the magnetic clean, will be the first step in returning your central heating system to its previous efficiency. Once the power flush is complete a Flush Radiators engineer will connect a magnetic central heating cleaner to finish the procedure.

The magnetic central heating cleaner will ensure that any rogue debris circulating through your central heating system in the future doesn’t stay for long. The metallic debris will be attracted by the magnetic central heating cleaner and will be permanently prevented from re-entering into circulation. This will greatly reduce the amount of sludge that builds up in the radiators which is one of the best ways to guarantee the long life of your boiler. A magnetic central heating cleaner is built to last and will easily be functional for as long as your boiler is.

When you consider that a power flush of your central heating system will usually yield between 2kg and 6kg of sludge, it is easy to see why a magnetic central heating cleaner would be highly beneficial to you. Installing a magnetic central heating cleaner to your system will also make the amount of time between power flushing services much longer as your system stays cleaner for longer. Although generally you only need to conduct a power flush every 5 years, it is more financially viable to put it off for longer. A magnetic central heating cleaner is the best way to achieve this and to ensure that you’re not hit with a premature bill for a replacement boiler.

Preserving the life of your boiler with a magnetic central heating cleaner is the most cost efficient and economical way. It’s also easily done by one of many expertly trained professionals from Flush Radiators. Your central heating unit will be cleaner in no time.