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If you’re one of many people who has been asking, ‘what is power flush’, then Flush Radiators are here to answer all of your questions. To put it simply, a power flush is an extremely useful and effective procedure for restoring the optimum function of your central heating system. A power flush can be used to combat a range of problems, from radiator cold spots to a noisy boiler and even fluctuating water temperatures. If you’ve experienced any of these problems then a power flush could be the answer.

If you’re asking the question, what is a power flush then it will usually be because you know a little bit about the procedure and believe it could solve a central heating problem for you. If you are having issues with any of the things mentioned above then you are certainly on the right track.

A power flush works via a machine that pumps water through your entire central heating system at a high velocity. This is designed to dislodge any sludge and sediment that has built up over time causing a blockage of your system. The build up is then flushed from your system and disposed of before clean and pH neutral water is put back into your system. This ensures that the water circulating through your radiators is clean and non-harmful. After the power flush, neutralising crystals and a chemical inhibitor will be added to the water to ensure it is good to go.

The chemical inhibitor is a very important part of the power flush procedure and will assist in preventing further damage. The inclusion of a MagnaClean filter to your system following a power flush will also help with further prevention of destruction to your system and installation is strongly recommended. The MagnaClean filter works magnetically to attract the sludge and debris that poses a threat to your central heating system. It can then be cleaned manually once a year and will not only compliment the power flush procedure but also ensure you don’t prematurely need another one.

The power flush should take between 4 to 6 hours, although if your system isn’t that dirty then it may be quicker. The Flush Radiator engineer who comes to do your power flush will ensure that your home is left exactly as he found it and no damage to carpets or floors occurs.

Now that you know what is involved with a power flush, don’t hesitate to book yours today. You’ll soon find a power flush gives you a warmer, more cost and energy efficient home that you and your family can continue to love.