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The cost of having a power flush of your central heating system might be something that initially puts you off having one done. However, if you look a little further then you’ll easily see that the cost of a power flush is never something that should deter you from taking care of your home.

The cost of a power flush will vary depending on how many radiators you have. This is the only factor that will influence the cost of your power flush. Sometimes a power flush can take 4 hours, sometimes a power flush will take 8 hours, this all depends on how much sludge and debris has built up inside. However, regardless of how long the power flush takes the cost will be the same.

If the initial one off cost of a power flush still puts you off then consider how much money you will be saving per month after the power flush is complete. A power flush will instantly restore your heating system to a much more effective operation, therefore reducing your bills and simultaneously increasing your level of heating. Imagine much better heating for a lower price! It doesn’t sound like it makes sense but with a power flush that is exactly what you can expect.

As you can now see the cost of the power flush will soon be made back by lower monthly bills and it will soon seem like the power flush has paid for itself. The cost of maintaining something as important as your central heating system can often be problematic for your bank account, especially if you are using overpaid service men who aren’t doing what’s best for you. The cost of a power flush from Flush Radiators is incredibly fair and competitive. Also, as a power flush will only need to be done once or twice every decade it’s hard to argue that the cost isn’t justified, especially as it will ensure the continued functioning of your central heating system.

Once you’ve made the decision to have a power flush in your home we can guarantee that you won’t regret paying the cost and will love the results. In fact we’re so sure that you’ll be amazed with our work that we guarantee you’ll want to refer us to all your friends and family!