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Sludge in the radiator and central heating system can cause a crisis for any household. When sludge causes a blockage in central heating systems then there’s a whole host of problems it could cause. A blockage of this nature is not something that can remedy itself and that’s why you will need a power flush to rectify the situation and solve your central heating problems.

There are a few things to look out for that could indicate that you have sludge in your radiator. These are all obvious things and once they start occurring it won’t take you long to spot them. For example if you can quite plainly feel that there are cold spots on your radiators then it is more than likely that you have central heating sludge. Other problems with your central heating that could be the work of sludge are blocked pipes, a noisy boiler, non function of central heating or radiators and inconsistent water temperatures.

A power flush works to remove the sludge in a radiator and should solve any central heating problems for you. If any symptoms do persist then it’s possible that sludge isn’t the cause of your troubles and you will have to look at replacing parts of your central heating system. However, in the majority of cases sludge in your radiators will be the culprit and a professional and effective power flush will get your central heating back on track.

Here at Flush Radiators that is exactly the service that we offer. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standard to deliver a high quality service to your central heating system. We know how to combat the sludge in your radiators and will do so with a smile. Once the sludge is gone you can enjoy heightened levels of heat and reduced household bills. That’s a win – win for everybody, especially your central heating unit.

If you want to know more about what Flush Radiators can do to tackle the sludge in your radiators and restore efficiency of your central heating, then get in touch today to discuss your individual needs. Our prices are fair and tailored to the specifications of your home.

So if you have sludge in your radiators then trust Flush Radiators to preserve and maintain your home.