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Being kind to the environment is always a great thing to do. Whether you want to dramatically reduce your carbon emissions or just make a small difference then it is still a choice that is worth making. Choosing to power flush your central heating is a great way to take a step towards a more economical and environmentally friendly household. A power flush of your central heating will mean that immediately you have a more energy efficient home, which is great for both you and the environment. Also it’s equally fantastic for your central heating unit!

After a power flush of your central heating system, you will find that the sludge corrosion that causes your boiler to have to work much harder will be flushed out. This means that following a power flush of your central heating system your boiler will use less energy to reach the same capacity. So with less power you will achieve a higher level of heating. This equates to less money spent and a smaller carbon footprint.

If you think that a power flush of your central heating system won’t save you as much money as you have to pay upfront, then think again. The efficiency of your central heating could be down as much as 70% because of built up sludge. Removing this sludge with a power flush should give you back that power. On average this will add up to a 6% decrease on your annual energy bill. The average household energy bill is approximately £1,300. So if your bill is this amount you will be saving nearly £400 over 5 years. If following your central heating power flush you install a MagnaClean Filter and you take care of your system properly, then it could be another ten years until your next power flush, giving you a fantastic saving of £800.

If you add on to this amount the fact that a power flush of your central heating system will save you in repair and replacement bills, easily in the thousands, then you can really see the advantages of such a procedure.

To power flush your central heating is to preserve and protect it. If a central heating power flush isn’t something you’ve ever done, or the time has rolled around for another one, then a Flush Radiators employee is waiting for your call now!